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EU Referendum Survey Results

EU Referendum Survey Results

As you will remember from the last newsletter we sent you a link to an EU Referendum survey and the results are in.

52.50% thought that the City of London Corporation should adopt a position to remain in the EU, 25% to leave the EU and 12.5% that we should have a neutral position while a further 10% still weren’t sure which way to vote.

Many that completed the survey felt that they needed to listen to the debate more fully before making a decision while most felt that although it would be tricky at first these issues, whether the UK stay or go would be resolved in 2-3 years.

On the 3 March 2016 the full Council actually considered this matter.

First we considered whether the Corporation should adopt a position on the UK’s Membership of the EU. There was a very good and lengthy debate on this matter and the vote was 58 Councilmen and Aldermen in agreement and 37 against.

Further debate then ensued on what the position should be. By a show of hands it was resolved that the position should be set out in the following terms:

Taking into account the views of City stakeholders and businesses, the City of London Corporation supports the United Kingdom remaining a member of the European Union.

Therefore it was agreed that the City Corporation would support the UK remaining in the European Union.