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Local Plan Consultation 2036

Local Plan 2036 Consultation

On 26th July 2016 the draft Local Plan Issues and Options for public consultation were approved by the Planning and Transportation Committee.

The Plan looks forward to 2036 and sets out the corporate vision of the city along with the strategy and policies for planning the next 20 years in relation to the built environment.

The plan when implemented will have a real impact on your use of the City whether you are a pedestrian, cyclist or motorist and whether you use its gardens/public squares and shops or admire its buildings.

The Issues and Options document identifies a wide range of issues and challenges that face the City, posing a series of open questions & seeking views from the City’s residents, businesses and other key stakeholders on how the City should develop and maintain its role as a world leading international financial and business centre through to 2036.

The consultation runs until [31st October extended] 2 December 2016.

The consultation document, and other supporting information, is available here and comments can be made by emailing: localplan@cityoflondon.gov.uk or in writing to the Department of the Built Environment at the Guildhall.

City Giving Day 2016

City Giving Day Dragon Awards

Alderman Peter Hewitt and I visited businesses Pool Re and Jardine Lloyd Thompson in the ward who were both taking part in City Giving Day. (Photograph above from our visit to JLT).

It was wonderful to see all the activity on the day, and also to hear that the charities being supported had an overwhelming response from employees wanting to do more with them.

For more details on City Giving Day please click here.

The same evening I attended the Dragon Awards Ceremony at Mansion House for Corporate Community Involvement, where Pool Re were also Highly Commended in the Best New Community Programme category for their work with the charity Age UK. Many congratulations to Pool Re for this fantastic recognition of their good work.

It has been really good to see this engagement from the ward with some wonderful charities. Thank you to all those that have helped and contributed to these important projects.

City Vote 2017 - Voter Registration

Voter Registration

By now you will have received communication from the City of London Corporation encouraging you to register, or re-register to vote in the City’s elections. The process has now changed, please see here for more details.
This year it is especially critical that you register as this will allow you to vote in the full Court of Common Council election which happens only once every four years. It will take place in March 2017.
If you are a business voter in the city it is essential that you register the firm that you work for, if you are unsure who is the contact at your firm or have concerns about registering your firm please email electoralservices@cityoflondon.gov.uk
We, your Common Councilmen, are at your disposal.  So, if you have any queries, or you would like any further information, please contact us.  We will be most happy to respond.  Your team are active across the City’s committees and other bodies.  Between us we have a good working knowledge of most aspects of the City’s functions.
We are all honoured to serve you and the City.
Warmest Regards,
Aldgate Common Councilmen
Deputy Doug Barrow CC
Hugh Morris CC
Sylvia Moys CC
Dhruv Patel CC
David Thompson CC
Crime In The Aldgate Ward

Murder In The Ward

We are very sad to confirm the death of Kabba Kamara who was stabbed to death outside Carravagio’s restaurant in Leadenhall Street in the early hours of Sunday 6th December 2015.

This 23 year-old man, with a young son and high hopes for the future, was stabbed to death in a needless act of violence.

Murders are, thankfully, very rare in the Square Mile and the last was in 2012. In investigating such serious incidents it is imperative the crime scene is meticulously analysed. This meant closing Leadenhall Street for a prolonged period of time. It is appreciated this can be an inconvenience to residents and visitors but is key to the success or failure of an investigation.

Our thoughts are with Kabba Kamaras’ family at this time. For more details please see here by Deputy Doug Barrow CC.

Voters Lunch

I am organise a series of “meet your councilman” voter lunches and would really appreciate it if you could attend.

It would be great to meet you and have a conversation about any concerns, fears or questions you have about your ward.

Please email for upcoming dates as places for these voter lunches fill quickly.


Electoral Registration Canvas

Electoral Registration Canvas

The electoral registration canvas in now underway.  City of London have begun the process of updating both the Electoral Register and the Ward Lists.

Business Registration

Registration forms were recently sent out to all businesses and other organisations that are entitled to appoint voters on the Ward Lists. Following a successful trial last year, City of London are introducing an online registration service for all businesses and other organisations that currently have electors registered. You will now be able to complete your registration online rather than completing and posting back the paper form – although that option will still be open to you. The City of London Corporation hope that this innovation will make the process of registration easier for you. The revised Ward Lists will then come into force on 16 February next year.

Residential Registration

Forms for both of the Electoral Register and Ward Lists were recently sent to all residential addresses. The national introduction of Individual Electoral Registration for the Electoral Register means that for some of residents, the completion of the household forms are just the first part of the registration process. Any resident that is not currently registered on the Electoral Register but who is added to the household form will be contacted by City of London and invited to register individually. This can be done either by completing the form that will send them or by registering online. Residents do not need to be registered individually to be added to the Ward Lists – the completion of their household form will suffice.

80 Fenchurch Street

This site was one on the fringe of Aldgate ward which I identified as desperately needing redevelopment during my election campaign. Progress has not been as quick as I would have liked as the site was tied up following the credit crunch with the Irish Bank Resolution Corporation (NAMA). However, I can now confirm that it has been acquired by the Partners Group with Marick Real Estate who I have recently met on site.

They are busy progressing the delivery of a slightly amended scheme from the original Foster & Partners scheme and they have now appointed demolition contractor John F Hunt who started work last month. They are endeavouring to ensure that they cause as little inconvenience as possible but I would be happy to assist if there are any issues.


80 Fenchurch Street Before

80 Fenchurch Street Before


80 Fenchurch Street Proposed

80 Fenchurch Street Proposed

Lime Street Experimental Closure

Lime Street Experimental Closure To Vehicles

The closure has now been in place for over two months and the City of London Corporation believe that the changes have largely been a success and no major problems have been reported on site. The additional carriageway space now given over to pedestrians is being utilised, particularly at peak times.   Further work to be undertaken:

  • Review results of comprehensive Road Safety Audit and consider what changes to signage and street markings should be undertaken;
  • Relocation of cycle parking at southern end of Lime Street;
  • Creation of lay-by for service vehicles once the scaffolding has been removed at southern end of Lime Street;
  • Set up equipment for and undertake monitoring to help decide whether the timed closure should be retained, amended or abandoned in the long-term.

More detailed information is available at www.cityoflondon.gov.uk/limestreet. If you do have any comments or feedback on the timed closure please email limestreet@cityoflondon.gov.uk.

City Property Advisory Team

City Property Advisory Team

With new property developments happening in the ward such as “Gotham City” (pictured above) there will inevitably be a displacement of businesses currently occupying the sites. The City of London Corporation keeps a complete database of all property available in the square mile and offer a free service to all businesses, large or small, looking for space.

Whatever your requirements in terms of floor space, whether you want to stay in EC3 or look elsewhere in the square mile we can provide you with a list of properties suitable for your needs.

Please see the City Property Advisory Team’s website and drop them an email outlining what you are looking they will do their very best to help. I am happy to follow up or make a direct introduction as always please just let me know.

Aldgate Gyratory Project

Aldgate Gyratory Project

Construction has now started on the Aldgate Gyratory project to create a new public square and improve pedestrian, vehicle and cycle flow around the area. Project details and updates and sign up to the weekly e-bulletin are available from the link: