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Update on the elections

As you might be aware 2017 has been an election year for the City of London Common Council. What may be news though is that Aldgate was one of the six Wards in the City which did not have a contest. Four out of your five existing Common Councilmen, Douglas Barrow, Hugh Morris, Sylvia Moys and I have been returned.

However, David Thompson, decided, for personal reasons, to withdraw his papers after serving for 13 years as one of your Councilmen. We would like to thank David for his service and contribution.

In his place, Andrien Meyers will be introduced to the Court on 27th April as the newest Member for the Ward of Aldgate. Andrien brings some new skill sets to the Ward and the City and we are looking forward to working alongside him for the next four years.

In January, I conducted a survey in the Ward of top concerns relating to the City. We are using the results of the survey to set our priorities for the forthcoming term in office.  They were:

  1. Transportation particularly safe and easy movement for pedestrians;
  2. Air quality;
  3. Brexit; and
  4. Noise and disruption in relation to building works/development in the area.

Thank you for your support. We are honoured to serve you and the City.


Please share your concerns with me

As your Common Councilman I am keen to understand your views and what you think the City of London Corporation can improve in terms of its offering to you, the workers and residents of Aldgate ward.

I have designed a short survey to allow you to share your concerns about the Ward and the wider Square Mile with me. It is only 4 questions long so should not take up more than a minute of your valuable time.

Please do click here to respond. Thank you.

City Vote 2017 - Voter Registration

Voter Registration

By now you will have received communication from the City of London Corporation encouraging you to register, or re-register to vote in the City’s elections. The process has now changed, please see here for more details.
This year it is especially critical that you register as this will allow you to vote in the full Court of Common Council election which happens only once every four years. It will take place in March 2017.
If you are a business voter in the city it is essential that you register the firm that you work for, if you are unsure who is the contact at your firm or have concerns about registering your firm please email
We, your Common Councilmen, are at your disposal.  So, if you have any queries, or you would like any further information, please contact us.  We will be most happy to respond.  Your team are active across the City’s committees and other bodies.  Between us we have a good working knowledge of most aspects of the City’s functions.
We are all honoured to serve you and the City.
Warmest Regards,
Aldgate Common Councilmen
Deputy Doug Barrow CC
Hugh Morris CC
Sylvia Moys CC
Dhruv Patel CC
David Thompson CC
Electoral Registration Canvas

Electoral Registration Canvas

The electoral registration canvas in now underway.  City of London have begun the process of updating both the Electoral Register and the Ward Lists.

Business Registration

Registration forms were recently sent out to all businesses and other organisations that are entitled to appoint voters on the Ward Lists. Following a successful trial last year, City of London are introducing an online registration service for all businesses and other organisations that currently have electors registered. You will now be able to complete your registration online rather than completing and posting back the paper form – although that option will still be open to you. The City of London Corporation hope that this innovation will make the process of registration easier for you. The revised Ward Lists will then come into force on 16 February next year.

Residential Registration

Forms for both of the Electoral Register and Ward Lists were recently sent to all residential addresses. The national introduction of Individual Electoral Registration for the Electoral Register means that for some of residents, the completion of the household forms are just the first part of the registration process. Any resident that is not currently registered on the Electoral Register but who is added to the household form will be contacted by City of London and invited to register individually. This can be done either by completing the form that will send them or by registering online. Residents do not need to be registered individually to be added to the Ward Lists – the completion of their household form will suffice.