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Crime In The Aldgate Ward

Murder In The Ward

We are very sad to confirm the death of Kabba Kamara who was stabbed to death outside Carravagio’s restaurant in Leadenhall Street in the early hours of Sunday 6th December 2015.

This 23 year-old man, with a young son and high hopes for the future, was stabbed to death in a needless act of violence.

Murders are, thankfully, very rare in the Square Mile and the last was in 2012. In investigating such serious incidents it is imperative the crime scene is meticulously analysed. This meant closing Leadenhall Street for a prolonged period of time. It is appreciated this can be an inconvenience to residents and visitors but is key to the success or failure of an investigation.

Our thoughts are with Kabba Kamaras’ family at this time. For more details please see here by Deputy Doug Barrow CC.

Addressing crime

Crimes reported in 2012 per 100 voters

Crimes reported in 2012
per 100 voters

It is a worrying statistic that Aldgate currently has more than double the levels of crime than the City of London average. If elected, Dhruv would become a member of the City of London Police Authority and would put pressure on the Commissioner to address this disparity.

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